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Community Organizer

The Community Housing Organizer will work as an integral member of the Organizing Team to facilitate the base building (outreach, recruitment, and engagement), leadership development, and campaign participation of constituency base and community members. This position emphasizes outreach, relationship building, deep listening, and relationship building that results in member and core leader recruitment—facilitating the collective capacity of new/existing members to be part of a campaign and organizational leadership, implementing campaign strategies and tactics, and cultivating oneself as an organizational leader.

Business Coordinator

ACER’s Economic Development work is growing in the northwest suburbs, and we are looking
for a strong, detail-oriented New Business Coordinator(s) to support various industry-specific
tasks to help ensure businesses receive the best support to grow their businesses and pass
policies to ensure access to opportunities for micro-businesses runs efficiently. Our formula for
success is to meet our businesses where they are and guide them through business development
processes to meet their needs first.

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