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Shingle Creek Center Fair

A Farmers, Artisans & Entrepreneur Pop-up market experience celebrating the community, local talent and entrepreneurship at the Shingle Creek Centre in Brooklyn Center.


In honor of Juneteenth and National Black Business Month, ACER aims to showcase the rich cultural diversity and creativity of local community while providing a platform for local entrepreneurs and artisans to thrive.

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Hope to see you at this FREE event!

Our pop-up markets are more than just shopping experiences – they're opportunities to come together as a community, celebrate our shared heritage, and uplift the voices of Black entrepreneurs and artisans. By participating in these events, you'll not only discover unique cultural innovations and collaboration but also contribute to the economic growth and vitality of our neighborhood.


What to Expect:

  • Free healthcare screenings and mini clinics for vaccinations.

  • Free community resources, educational materials for various social outcomes

  • At our Farmers & Artisans Market, visitors will discover a vibrant array of local innovators, chefs, crafters, and artisans offering products and experiences specific to our area.

  • From farm-fresh vegetables to specialty foods and handcrafted goods, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Fun games and activities for kids

  • Free and paid food options

  • Live music performances throughout the day, creating a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

  • Cultural demonstrations to immerse yourself in the rich traditions of our community with craft and cultural demonstrations, including arts and games.

  • Local delights to explore from local chefs and vendors, showcasing the best of our region's culinary talent.

  • Engage and connect with fellow community members and support local businesses while celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Helping Hands

We are looking for volunteers!

Come join us at the Shingle Creek Center Fair as a volunteer!

Help make a difference in your community by lending a hand at this fun event.

Whether you're passionate about helping others or just looking to get involved, we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds.

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