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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Our Maps coalition co-leader, Common Cause Minnesota, briefed the media on the filing of community-drawn maps for consideration in this year’s redistricting cycle. The maps were drawn to ensure that Black, Indigenous, and Minnesotans of Color are fairly represented in the state’s new voting maps. The maps are the latest development in an ongoing lawsuit that is squarely focused on securing fair community representation rather than the interests of political parties or political operatives.

Richard Jennis, an ACER Community Organizer, attended the meeting and had the following to say regarding the importance of community-driven maps:

“We believe we need to build a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyone’s voice is heard. Our democracy is strongest when everyone has the power to vote for the issues we care about most, like stronger schools, better roads and transportation, and affordable healthcare. In a strong democracy, political power belongs to all of us…”

Read More about the briefing here.

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