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Harnessing the Power of Black Wealth

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

ACER wrapped up Black History Month with a discussion on Building Black Wealth. We discussed the challenges facing Black entrepreneurs and formulated strategies to build wealth within Black communities. Thank you to our keynote speaker Elaine Rasmussen and our panelists Nonkululeko Shongwe, Jannie Seibure, Mark Fick, Kenya McKnight-Ahad, and Stephen Obayuwana for sharing their insights and collective experience within the business development ecosystem.

With a buying power of $7B in Minnesota, Black people have an opportunity to direct this financial power to invest in strategies that will build generational Black wealth. From venture capitalism, Real Estate Investment, and building cooperatives, Black people are working together in our region toward achieving this goal. In this series, the panelists will discuss the current investment projects, awaiting opportunities and urgent action that is needed in our communities to realize this goal.

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