Power to the People

ACER Supports the People's Movement

ACER is heartbroken by the injustice of the murder of George Floyd. We believe everything about the current movements relate to ACER's mission and stand with those fighting for change. ACER was founded to decrease systemic disparities for people in our communities and moving towards defunding and abololishing the police is something we believe in.

We all matter

Community Efforts

We see all of the ways communities are coming together to support one another and are fighting back against these injustices. Not only is ACER involved as an organization, but we want to make sure all folks can safely be active as well.

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Be Involved

Action You Can Take

This movement has a lot of components are there are many ways to stay involved. ACER believes in the power of marches, demonstrations, civic engagement, and taking care of one another.

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