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Family Housing Fund

The Family housing fund offers programs to help BIPOC homebuyers to purchase multifamily housing

If you are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and or a Person of Color) and interested in owning multi-family housing this program could be for you.

  • Does my business have to be located in Brooklyn Park or Brooklyn Center?
    No. However, your proposed project must show that it will support business recovery in the select cities of Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center.
  • Do I need to be a U.S. citizen in order to be eligible for a Main Street grant?
    No. But, you must have a Tax ID Number (TIN) and be current on your taxes.
  • Do I have to own the property I am seeking funding for?
    No. But tenants who lease their operating space must demonstrate site control of the property in question, whether that’s through ownership, a purchase agreement, or approval from a landlord.
  • Can I get grants for multiple projects?
    Yes and you must complete a separate application for each project. Each project must meet the funding requirements.
  • When will I receive my grant payments?
    Applications are received on a rolling basis. Normally it will take between 30 - 45 days to process an application and an additional 15 days for payments to be received by a business.
  • Can I use funds to purchase property?
    No. Eligible project expenses do not include the purchase of real estate or business operations or business operating expenses, such as inventory, wages or working capital. Additionally, the purchase of real estate does not count as matching funds for a grant


Contact:  Fadumo Mohamed |

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