Resources Amidst the #StayHomeMN Order and COVID-19 Pandemic


Emergency rental assistance available! Click here for the application.

Your landlord (for residential or business purposes) cannot evict you during this pandemic due to the Governor’s moratorium. If you need help communicating with your landlord, contact Vandali at [email protected].


COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on our businesses and workers. Please see these resources or contact Denise Butler at [email protected] or 612-217-0282 for more information.

Ramsey County opened a new round of a Small Business Relief Grant Fund, targeting Ramsey County businesses:
  • Which were awarded Rounds 1 and 2, but did not complete the paperwork to claim thier grants;
  • Are designed as self-employed/sole proprietor/creative businesses (including homebased businesses); or
  • Employee 1 – 75 employees
NOTE : Businesses that have already received funding through Ramsey County’s Small Business Relief Fund are also eligible for consideration, and able to receive an additional grant up to $5,000 (businesses with employees are eligible for no more than $15,000 cumulatively from Ramsey County) or $2,500 (self-employed, sole proprietor, and creative businesses) are eligible for no more than $10,000 cumulatively Small Business Relief funds) respectively.
Application process has been streamlined and consideration given to those who’ve received prior grants, but not the maximum of what is offered in this round.

Changes for Round 3

  • Updated Eligibility
    • Updated maximum # of employees to 75
    • Business must have been opened by March 1, 2020
    • No maximum revenue threshold
  • Amounts
    • New maximum for businesses with employees $15,000
    • New maximum for sole proprietor/creatives $10,000
    • Businesses who have previously submitted have been contacted to see if they have additional costs that would be eligible.
  • Deadline
    • The application process closes on Friday, December 4 or until funds are exhausted,, whichever is soonest
    • Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served.
  • Application
    • The application has been reduced to a one-time submission to expedite review and processing
Apply Today or Share with Your Network:   Round 3: Ramsey County Small Business Relief Fund     

Health & Wellness


ACER knows that this pandemic is disproportionately impacting our community and as the second wave takes over we want to make sure you’re connected to the resources you need. Call the number above or email [email protected] to have your questions answered.

Highlights of what we can help with:

  • Transportation and information on where and how to get tested for COVID 19
  • Resources to help pay your rent, mortgage, and utilities
  • Finding and accessing healthcare and mental health resources and support
  • Food resources for you and your family
  • Finding a job and accessing unemployment resources

Language support: Spanish, French, Hindi, and Pidgin English