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Supporting your business needs, no matter if it’s an idea stage venture or if you have been operating for twenty-five years, our business services connect and support business owners with their pressing business needs.



To access ACER's Technical Assistance services, please fill out and submit this intake form:

To become an ACER Technical Assistance Provider, please fill out and submit this intake form:


It can be difficult to navigate the next steps of your business venture. Our Technical Assistance services offer a personalized approach to guide you through different processes that you may need for your business. We currently offer in-house assistance for grants and business applications, registrations, and filings. Additionally, through our one-to-one business consultations, you can receive assistance from our pool of expert advisors. Advisors currently offer services in the following areas:

Accounting & Bookkeeping + Business Strategy + Financial Advising + Human Resources + Marketing


In partnership with local community organizations, we host training sessions for aspiring and current business owners. Training sessions offer a comprehensive understanding of best business practices and navigating barriers you may face in the day-to-day operations of your business. Training Sessions are offered in the Spring and Fall of each year. Scholarships are available for training sessions that have an associated cost.


Through our micro-grants programs we are able to reallocate resources to businesses owners. We issue grants to business owners who have a variety of needs and may have traditionally faced barriers in accessing grants. Grant opportunities are offered at varying times throughout the year.

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