Community Dialogue about Ebola

Community Dialogue about Ebola on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Brooklyn Park City Council (Council Chambers)

Community Dialogue about Ebola

What is ACER?

The African Career, Education & Resource, Inc. (ACER) is a volunteer-driven, community-based organization, founded in 2008, to close the resource, health, and information disparities within Minnesota’s communities of African descent, and help those communities achieve societal and economic independence.

Community Engagement

An important part of the fabric of ACER volunteers is giving their time, talents, energy, and creativity to worthwhile causes to help improve the lives of people in the Twin Cities.

ACER supports community-based programs and forward-thinking initiatives that address education, career, and social issues affecting the quality of life where we work and live. Our commitment is aligned with the same spirit and values that drive a rich notion and a dedication to helping others.

ACER’s volunteers are a crucial part in our engagement and community outreach. Our heritage of service is encouraged throughout our organization as it enhances our volunteers' morale and strengthens their skills, as well as serves vital needs in our communities.

Our community service endeavors span a range of important causes and issues. Visit our Programs page to learn more.